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At Bambino Montessori, we encourage and celebrate a rich cultural diversity. Our school does not discriminate in any manner with regard to disability, race, religion, gender or national origin. Class size is determined by several factors with a teacher, student ration of 1:15 as a benchmark. In applying the Montessori Method effectively, we try to balance the ages, genders, skill levels, talents and personalities in our classrooms. We encourage families to follow the admission procedure below when considering enrolment at the Bambino.

Families are welcome to visit our school during operating hours 08:30 until 13:00. To ensure that staff will be available to give you a tour of the grounds, describe the school, discuss curriculum and answer any questions you may have, please call ahead to schedule an appointment.

We request that students spend 2hours in the environment as part of the admission procedure. This is necessary to give the teachers an opportunity to observe the child’s adaptation to our teaching methods and also allows the child to make a more informed decision about their feelings towards the school. It is necessary to make appointment for these visits. The office staff will assist in scheduling observations for weekday morning hours. Parents may call 083 308 6901/076 060 0502. After the student has spent some time in the classroom, the supervising teacher will arrange an interview with the parents to discuss the visit and answer any question that parents may have about the classroom and the Montessori principles our school follows. You will be given an application form at this point.

After careful consideration of our program, parents may fill out an application form for their children. If all classes are full, the child’s name
will be entered on the waiting list. You will be notified within one week of the status of your application.

When students are offered and accept places at Bambino, registration forms, registration fees and all other enrolment forms (medical,
emergency, etc.) will be due. Registration fees are payable on or before the first day of the learner’s attendance at school. If payment
is effected by way of electron Funds transfer, parents are to submit the proof of payment together with all enrolment forms to the Office.

Enrollment Form
Each child must have a complete enrollment form signed by a parent.
Authorization for Emergency Care One form must be signed before the child enrolls.

Developmental History
 Completed and signed.

Health Forms
 We require that an immunization record signed by parents be on file at our school.

In case of divorce, guardianship must be proven either with a birth certificate or other legal documentation.


A once-off non-refundable fee is required. The enrollment fee assures each prospective student a classroom placement.
This fee is used to cover enrollment and administration (paper and stationary).

(Once off)
Enrolment/Registration Fee
R300.00 – non refundable
Deposit of R1500.00 – non refundable

Stationary Fee are R550.00 – every year.
Tuition may be paid on a yearly (12 months) or monthly basis.  

VERY IMPORTANT:  NO written notice for leaving Bambino will be accepted in the month of November or December and will you be liable for payment

Tuition is due in advance on the 30th day of the previous month. (February’s tuition is due on January 30, March’s tuition on February 28th …)
We appreciate your cooperation with this schedule so that we may meet the school's financial obligations by the first of each month.
An interest at a rate of 12% will be assessed for tuition received after the 7th of the month. Late pick-up fee of R50.00 per day will be added if children are not pick-up in time.

  • I/We jointly hereby unconditionally agree to pay Tuition Fees in the amount specified in this agreement (Or tuition fees document) to the School in consideration for reserving a place for the Learner for the School year.
  • I/We understand and agree that our active participation in at least ONE annual fundraising event shall be expected.

We do prefer a debit order or Electronic Transfer. Payment 1st of each month.

Stop order over 12 months, starting 1st January to 1st December inclusive and to reflect in the School’s bank account no later than
the 5th of each month. Electronic Transfer to be reflected in the School’s bank account no later than the 5th of each month starting
the 1st January to 1st December inclusive. Proof of payment must be e-mailed.


  • All monies due under this agreement are due and payable as stated above. No extensions or delays in payment will be recognized unless
    in writing and signed by the principle and the undersigned.
  • These monies include: Non Refundable deposit R1500, Registration fee R300, Stationary fee R550 and School fees R1550 (Half day) or R1650
    (Full day) whichever option was chose.
  • If 1 months notice is not given in writing the parents are liable for payment of one months’ school fees in full; otherwise handover to attorneys.
    See addendum 2.
  • In the event of any payment being more than 7 (seven) days late the School shall have the right to withhold any and all services to the Learner and/or the undersigned and I/We shall be liable for all fees during the suspension.
  • In the event it shall be necessary to place this contract or any other debt due to the School by the undersigned with an attorney, I/We agree to bear the costs incurred by The School.
  • In the event that payment made by cheque is “referred to drawer” and/or that payment to be made by debit order are cancelled without prior agreement, it is agreed that the undersigned will bear all costs incurred by the School as well as settle outstanding payment within 7 (seven) days of notice.

Parents are requested to notify the school office by 8:00 a.m. if the child will be absent. We do not have make-up days or refunds for illnesses or absences.
We base our budget on the monthly tuition from each child and need a guaranteed amount to meet our expenses.

If your child contracts a contagious illness (other than a cold), please inform the school office so that other parents may be advised. Children who have a fever, earaches, vomiting, or diarrhea at school will be sent home. A child who has had any of these symptoms the previous day or night should not be brought to school. When recovering from a fever, a child should be kept home for one full day after the fever subsides. Doctors also advise us that it is safe for a child to return to school after chickenpox when all the pox has scabbed over.

Only prescription medication may be given to children at school or medicine accompanied by a doctor's written permission. Teachers may not administer aspirin, antihistamines, vitamins, etc. unless the parent brings a note from the doctor. Please do not bring a sick child to school. Aside from the possibility that the illness may be transmitted to another child, we do go outside or to the gym as often as possible. Most likely a sick or recovering child should not participate in these playtime/exercise activities.

Children who have the following diseases should be excluded from school for the designated period of time. 

Chicken pox: for at least seven days after the onset of rash and until all lesions are crusted.
Conjunctivitis: during acute stage, until eyes are clear to three days after onset of treatment.
Diarrhea: acute, infectious; as long as child has elevated temperature and loose, water stools exceed either.
Fever: As long as child has fever and for 24 hours after fever returns to normal for the child
Hepatitis: for seven days during onset of jaundice (yellow skin or eyes) and diarrhea subsides. Authorized release is required.
Impetigo: antibiotic treatment given and lesions are crusted and healed.
Meningitis: Until child is well
Mumps: for nine days after swelling appears or until swelling is gone.
Pediculosis: until treatment is begun.
Rubella: for four days after onset of rash.
Scabies: until treatment is begun and parents present proof of treatment e.g. box label, empty bottle.
Tuberculosis: for fourteen days after beginning treatment.Vomiting accompanied with fever: until vomiting stops, temperature returns to normal for child and other symptoms have gone.
Whooping cough: for two weeks after antibiotic treatment is begun. If not treated, child should not return for 21 days.

We cannot allow children to stay inside during playtime unless we have a written doctor’s excuse. Supervision is provided on the playground. If the child is too sick to get fresh air when dressed in the proper attire by you, then he is too sick to be at school. Please be reminded – children are not allowed to be in school when they have had a temperature or vomited within 24 hours, or if they have had diarrhea. Green mucous from the nose indicates infection and should be treated accordingly.







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